Few Steps Help You Distinguish the Quality of Outdoor Pixel Lights

                Why there is very big price difference between the outdoor pixel lights as below?


                Two main factors will influence the cost of pixel light.

                1. Raw material

                2. Structural design


                Let’s talk about the RAW MATERIAL of LED pixel dots first.


                1. Led Chip, the quality of led chip will directly influence the use life of lights. Especially for some international brand like CREE led chip, you should learn to discern between truth and false.

                2. Glue, good quality glue has good thermal conductivity, water -resistance properties and weather-ability.

                3.Connector, we use solid core(CU) with gold plating, that means it better for signal transmission, ensure the stability of displaying.

                4. Insulation protection, we use double insulation, which means more safer.

                5. Engineering plastic VS common plastics, Engineering plastic with higher UV resistance (grade 3-4),damage resistance (One meter can bear around 30KG), inflaming retarding V0. But a Common plastic is easily broken.

                6. High-low temperature cycle test. The white pixel light cannot pass the test.

                7. 5 core and 4 core, there are 2 signal lines for 5 core pixel lights, that means the signal transmission will be more stable.

                8. PCB board, good quality PCB board with low thermal resistance path design.


                After 168 hour High-low temperature cycle test and then put it into red ink water, Among 5 pcs sample, there are 2PCS was immersed red ink inside the lights.



                Structural Design:

                A good structural design of outdoor pixel lights can achieve higher luminous efficiency, better heat dissipation, easy for installation and also more reliable. But some small companies are not capable for R&D design, and the pixel light with very simple design like the white one.


                In conclusion, on the raw material, the cost of good quality pixel lights will be 3-4 times higher than common pixel lights. When you choose the lights for your project, price is important, but also don’t forget to consider whether the quality is meet your project requirements.

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